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The Holmwood Technical High School Alumni Assocition NY, Inc.,  was founded in 1986, on the principle of unity in staying ether, to give back to our Alma Mater.  This has guided the NY Chapter’s progress and conduct throughout the past 30 years. The NY Chapter, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is managed by an elected Executive Committee in accordance with the terms of a Constitution adopted by the members  the Chapter.

The NY Chapter’s ethos is driven by a strong sense of togetherness, motivated by an unwavering passion for our Alma Mater. We have demonstrated the necessary discipline to carry out the core of this value by fostering an environment of understanding, trust, respect and fairness to each member.  We operate in accordance with democratic ideals, giving every member the opportunity to contribute in whichever way he or she elects. We seek to continue to operate under these guiding principles as we encourage the participation of other past students in the New York tri-state area. Information on becoming active can be found on the New Member Page.

For the past two decades and more, the NY Chapter has provided support for the school in a number of areas including, but not limited to; lunch program, assistance with operations of the girls’ dormitory, school uniforms, Information Technology program, academic and the Athletic program. These contributions have enabled the school to maintain its high standard of performance.

The NY Chapter meets at 6:00 p.m. on the third Saturday of every month at: 2233 Baylis Avenue, Elmont, NY 11003, or as otherwise designated.

Mission Statement:

We, the members of the New York Chapter of the Holmwood Past Students Association, recognize and consider it our express duty to formulate and implement ideas and actions designed to provide sustained assistance to the school and its students. We recognize and accept the responsibilities and obligations inherent in, and mandated on us as a group of graduates. Therefore, we the members believe in supporting the school financially, emotionally and spiritually while it nurtures and promotes an environment that seeks excellence in scholastic, athletic, and social endeavors. There shall be no discrimination against any assets of the schools environment; members attitudes and actions shall be galvanized and be directed toward the fulfillment of stated goals and objectives, promise and scope, thereby enabling the achievement of a certain level of prominence at home, and ultimately in the world.

 Key Goals and Objectives:

  • To establish and promote the togetherness of current and past students
  • To promote social, athletic and academic welfare of the institution by taking steps necessary to achieve these goals
  • To support local charities in raising funds and implementation of their projects
  • To recognize in some suitable form, work of the highest merit done by both past and present students as well as outstanding members of the community
  • To serve as a forum for graduates of the school and network among the various fields of endeavor

 Penn Relays

The NY Chapter has, since its inception, provided financial support to the students participating in the annual Penn Relays sponsored and promoted by the University of Pennsylvania. Holmwood is one of the schools which has dominated the Penn Relays over the last several years.

Holmwood – Success and Continuity

Holmwood Technical High School has been excelling and has dominated in inter -school athletics both at home and abroad.  For nine successive years, the Holmwood Technical High School has been the winner of the Girls High School Championships in Kingston, Jamaica. These achievements, combined with those at the Penn Relays have fostered a better appreciation of sports among other high school athletes nationally and have won Holmwood students increased recognition and respect internationally. These achievements are also a testament to the activities of the Holmwood Past Students Association, in particular the NY Chapter.

The NY Chapter is pleased to be associated with the efforts of other Holmwood Past Students Association chapters in continuing our tradition of joining hands with our fellow graduates, friends, family and community.  Our main goal is to continue to promote this culture of togetherness with current and past students everywhere. This will strengthen the spirit of unity and togetherness among Holmwoodites.


Beverly Foster


Claudia Kong-Folkes

Vice President

Carl Brissett


Glen Denton

Asst. Treasurer

Valerie Clarke

Public Relations Officer

 Valerie Clarke  Recording Secretary

Ruchein Virgo

Asst. Secretary

Fay Lewis

Asst. Public Relations Officer

Janet Watson   Director
Jessie Campbell
  Member Ex-Officio
 Ita Luckain   Director
 Doreen Pinnock   Director
 Errol Myers   Director
 Alvin Edwards   Director
Delroy Webb Member Ex-Officio